Romantic Valentine’s Day Dresses 2018 By Ittehad Textile

Nothing is better than Ittehad Textile Exclusive Valentine’s Day Collection 2018 on 14th February which is going to hit next week.

The lovers are waiting excitedly for this day because Valentine’s Day 2018 is coming on Sunday and many girls and boys — even mothers and fathers — need not to worry about the office of school time. They don’t need to take holiday from their teachers and bosses.

Romantic Valentine's Day Dresses 2018 By Ittehad TextileThis romantic collection give off a striking image bound to turn heads around in your direction. It’s a must-have for a formal get together, jazz it up with statement lips and a fishtail braid.

Need something to beat the Monday blues? How about Ittehad Textile Exclusive Valentine’s Day Collection 2018 that screams ooh-la-la and smart both at the same time? Your morning just got a little brighter with this romantic collection.

Romantic Valentine's Day Dresses 2018 By Ittehad Textile

Ittehad Textile About

Ittehad Textile ensures that the chicest fashion and the latest trends reach you. A funky print or classic embroidery, the fashion house has it all. Browse through its wide range and be immersed in a world that is dedicated to make you look unforgettably charming.

Ittehad Group of Industries has come a long way since its launch in 1973. The early days saw Ittehad Textiles handicapped; it would take a span of ten years before the company would be able to employ sophisticated technology for printing.

Romantic Valentine's Day Dresses 2018 By Ittehad Textile


Despite this, a strong emphasis on quality control was set up from the very beginning, as a result of which the printed cloth produced under the banner of Ittehad Textile was met with unprecedented success and left a great impact on the market.

Today, Ittehad Group of Industries has an extensive manufacturing network, with its own spinning, weaving, printing and embroidery units. Ittehad Textiles, the group’s processing and printing division, owns two flat-bed and two rotary printing machines. It is this complete control over every aspect of manufacturing that gives our products an edge and enhances quality.

“After spending 17 successful years in the lawn business, I feel very privileged to write this message as the CEO of Ittehad Group of Industries Pvt Limited. When I started off my journey with Ittehad, we had just one processing unit. With our continuous efforts and focused attitude towards our growth strategy, today we have our own designing, spinning, weaving, embroidery units and retail chain.

For becoming synonymous with our main aim of catering a major chunk of market, Ittehad Textile has expanded its presence by providing lawn ranges for all classes and age groups. Since every year we come up with a new idea of pleasing the lawn lovers, this year we have surprised the town through our Designer lawn.

Romantic Valentine's Day Dresses 2018 By Ittehad Textile

Ittehad Textile has experienced mega growth in the past few years. We owe it to the high degree of professionalism and Dedication that our management team has brought to the company. Our devotion does extend not only to our customers but also to our employees.

Today, with an extensive manufacturing network. This lets the House of Ittehad maintain its dedication and perseverance to quality services. Customers’ feedback has always been considered extremely meaningful as they are the actual fundamental force of the market. That is why Ittehad Textiles believes in intensifying the entire product range every year, to deliver the best to their valuable customers.

Ittehad Textile Valentine’s Day Collection 2018

Let’s have a look at these beautiful romantic red Valentine’s Day dresses 2018!

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