Sidra Mumtaz Floral Festivity Collection 2016 Sneak Peak

This festive season, Karachi-based fashion designer introduces another vivid collection ‘Festivity Collection’ on lush fabric.

Sidra Mumtaz New Floral Festivity Collection 2016-17 is all an inspirational work of nature most beautiful creation flowers. Mantra for the season by Sidra Mumtaz is Floral Bloom is for those who love nature.

Sidra Mumtaz Ess Emm Collections

Tired of wearing the same old kurtas to work? We have the perfect something for you in this fun collection. This material is selected meritoriously with utmost love for the upcoming festive season to give women access to latest vogue with comfort.

Sidra Mumtaz Festivity Collection 2016 Prices

Sidra Mumtaz Festivity Collection 2016-17 is a classic combination of sweet and flirty, so get ready to add some sparkle to your persona! The elegant designs and bold colors of this collection are a top hit!

Sidra Mumtaz

The dresses are one way or other inspired by Floral nature around us. Designs are name after the inspiration,
Lupinus (Inspired from Lupine)
Ailsa (Inspire by Delphinium Ailsa
Nature of Gold (Flowers that wittered)
Beauty Beneath the Sky ( Inspired from a vision of Colorful Field of Flowers under the sky)

Sidra Mumtaz Festivity Collection 2016 Online
Daisy and Rose
Roses are Red
Flowery Meadow
Soltstice (Inspired from Pink Snapdragon
Crystal pom pom (Inspiration-rarely found greyish blue Pom Pom)
An Affair with Flowers (Canvasing all the colorful nature on a white background)

Sidra Mumtaz Festivity Collection 2016

Sidra Mumtaz Ess Emm

Design Name: Lupinus
Collection : Festivity
Inspiration: Complete Embroidered Cape Suit, inspired by international beautiful blooms “Lupine”
The dress texture is as soft as petals of lupine, color contrast is inspired by the mesmerizing view of Lupine in the light of Sunset.
Details: Embroidered Cape with pearls finishing and stylized trouser.

Sidra Mumtaz Kurti Collection 2016

Design Name: Navy Pink Floral
Design Code: SM-NPT01
Details: Navy blue floral printed shirt with polka dot finishing and pipen and pearls hanging buttons.

Sidra Mumtaz Festivity Collection 2017

Design Name: Mantra
Design Code: SM-Mant01
Details: Geometrical abstract upper with pearls lace all over and navy blue inner with straight trousers. This design comes in a ready to wear three piece package.

Sidra Mumtaz Festivity Collection 2016


Design Name: Sky Depth
Design Code: SM-SDep01
Details: Lively floral abstract printed cotton shirt with embroidered embossed floral net on daman and hand made floral buttons on neckline. This design comes in a ready to wear Kurti only package.

Sidra Mumtaz New Floral Festivity Collection 2016

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