Nadia Khan Morning Show: Wasim Akram and Shaneira Akram Commemorated Daughter’s First Birthday

The show aired on Geo Entertainment. It originally ran as a morning show from 2006 to 2010 then returned in 2012, as a night time talk show. On 24 May 2013 it was announced on Facebook official page that the show has ended. Khan’s morning show revived in November 2015 on Geo Entertainment with a massive approval by audiences.

Waseem Akram and Shaniera Akram new baby girl Aiyla

8th January 2016’s show consisted of the top power couple as they are mostly referred to, of Pakistan namely Wasim Akram and Shaneira Akram, who came and commemorated their daughter’s first birthday, the way they met up for the first time which ended up in their marriage and Shaneira’s move from Australia to Pakistan and the trials and tribulations she was faced with while settling into Pakistan.

Wasim Akram and Shaneira Akram

Wasim Akram was brought on first and was asked various questions by Nadia Khan, one of them being the sad demise of Huma Akram after developing heart and kidney complications, to which he stated him never thinking about getting married but things changing and the time when he met Shaneira being one of his changing circumstances to push him to commit again.

Wasim Akram and Shaneira Akram

Certain controversies were also discussed such as the shows done with Bollywood actress Sushmeta Sen and him being portrayed as her lover which was called by Wasim Akram as a complete scam fabricated by the media and related agencies.

Wasim Akram Second Marriage

He then went on to talk about his two sons from his first wife Huma namely, Taimur and Akbar Akram and how they are very decent and innocent and whole heartedly accepted Shaneira becoming part of the family.

He was also asked about moving back to Pakistan with Shaneira after marriage to which he shared his love for being a Pakistan and Pakistan being the place where he feels special and always forever wanted and pleased.

Shaneria Akram joined in later and was asked numerous questions on her life in Australia and her move after marriage to Pakistan. Nadia started by asking about her name and as it turns out, her name is an Islamic name which lead to Shaneira talking about her marriage with Wasim Akram being a match made in heaven.

Waseem Akram Shaniera Akram

Her life before marriage was like every ordinary Australian girl, working on weekdays and usually with friends and family and she got married at the age of 30. Her father, she said is a private investigator and a former police officer but her telling her father about Wasim Akram was not difficult as she told him she had met a guy and that she had fallen in love and from there on the father was on board with the wedding.

A controversial question to spice things up a bit was asked by Nadia Khan when she asked Shaneira if she had problems with Wasim Akram being 17 years older than him to which Shaneira respectfully replied stating how when you’re young it’s all about a fairy tale story coming true which changes with age and then it becomes all about being emotionally satisfied as well as financially supported by the man which has all come true so she is happy with him.

Both Wasim Akram and Shaneira said they met at a mutual friends Bar B Q and immediately got along. Thereon, Shaneira did not respond to Wasim’s texts until much later, on Wasim’s third visit to Melbourne, Australia when they met for dinners and lunches and finally she came to Pakistan, spent time with Wasim’s son and got proposed by Wasim by him bending on his knee with a ring and everything was perfect again!

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