Iftar Mulaqaat by Hina Khawaja Bayat Geo Kahani Review

When we met Madeeha Imam on the sets of Iftar Mulaqaat, the beautiful girl was all laughter and infectiously animated! This show was hosted by Hina Khawaja Bayat and the culinary expert Chef Shai holds the mantle for the cooking part of the show.

Madeeha Imam In Iftar Mulaqaat by Hina Khawaja

From the beginning of the show, Madeeha had been on a surprising spree there, she kept on disclosing little tidbits about herself that left us in shock! She said that she loved hosting the most, even more than acting and being a VJ.

Iftar Mulaqaat by Hina Khawaja Bayat Geo Kahani

Meeting her favorite celebrities live was the favorite part of hosting for her. Madeeha is like a bundle of energy when she is on set but this girl wasn’t the same bubbly talkative person a few years back.

I used to stammer as a child and I wanted an opportunity and wanted to be a speaker”, Madeeha tells us how she overcame this obstacle, after telling us how supportive her family has been.

My sister helped me with that problem, she used to give me and tell exercises to help me with the stammering, I used to practice in front of the mirror to overcome this obstacle”.

Iftar Mulaqaat by Hina Khawaja Episode 4

In the fourth episode of Iftar Mulaqaat on Geo Kahani which is hosted by Hina Khawaja Bayat, the resident chef being Chef Shai, Fatima Effendi was the guest of the day. The actress was very frank when it came to her family’s affiliations with the media industry.

Iftar Mulaqaat by Hina Khawaja Bayat Geo Kahani Review

Fatima was a child actress, her debut drama aired in 2001, and since then she has swiftly climbed up the ladder to success. Her mother and her sister were associated with media, and that’s where this curiosity for being a part of this industry came from.

Iftar Mulaqaat by Hina Khawaja Bayat Geo Kahani Episode

My mother was a newscaster in PTV and she whole heatedly supported me through this”. Not only that, but her grandfather was journalist, now we know her maternal side of the family is where she got her acting skills from, perhaps there are some designers from her father’s side?

Iftar Mulaqaat by Hina Khawaja Episode 9

For their 9th episode the guest of honor was the super talented singer and composer Faakhir. The set was alight with the brightness of these two stars only! The conversation ranged from pleasant to downright serious when Fakhir believed there were some things he needed to clarify to his fans.

When it came to discussing the political allegiances and the current situation of the country, Faakhir said that he realized that some things were downright unfair.

Iftar Mulaqaat by Hina Khawaja Bayat Geo Kahani Review

I’m against the idea of protocol and bothering masses just because of your own security”. He further elaborated by clarifying that he believed in the good of the entire nation as a whole.

Mein kisi bhi achhay kaam ke saath hoon aur buray kaam ke khilaf”. And when he described his stance regarding politics and allegiances to any certain political parties he clarified…

An artist or an athlete doesn’t need to be politicized, he’s a representative of nation not just one particular camp or group”.

Iftar Mulaqaat by Hina Khawaja Bayat Geo Kahani

Keep watching for more news on your favorite celebrities and prepare to be amazed by the details they share with Hina Khawaja Bayat on set only on Iftar Mulaqaat daily at 6pm, only on Geo Kahani.

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