Homemade Beauty Tips For Glowing Lips In Winter

Winter is here and so are dry, dull and dehydrated skin and its issues too. We know that winter brings all of that no matter how hard we try, but we cannot give-up on our skin and its issues.

So let’s freshen up the things that we always do to get beautiful lips during cold, chilling winters to keep our lips soft and moisturized throughout the snowing winter.

First of all we need to make sure that we are not taking too much caffeine, I know that it’s not possible for some people to survive winter without caffeine, but you need to know that it does make you warm inside, but it does dehydrated your body and your skin.

 Beauty Tips For Glowing Lips

You need to keep the consumption of unhealthy drinks at bay to look good with your colorful long fur coats. Drink lots of water, even if you don’t feel dry or thirsty, still drink water and make sure that you are not ignoring your water intake during cold winter.

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Now we will talk about some simple natural ways to treat and prevent chipped and dry lips during winter.

Sugar: – Sugar is the best thing to treat and prevent dry skin all over your body, all you need to know is how to use it right way, it’s one of the best ways to exfoliating dead cells off your chapped lips. You can make a perfect homemade lips cream too to clean those dead cells off too. For this you need to mix two teaspoons of sugar with one teaspoon of honey and apply the paste to your lips every third day to prevent dry chipped lips, you can use it for small time of time everyday too, rub with soft hands and then wash it off with warm water. Then apply some petroleum jelly.

Honey has always been the one of the best thing to get soft skin, no matter if lips or face. You can apply it directly from the bottles and lick the spoon too and enjoy the benefits of honey inside out. You can use pure organic honey on your chapped lips several times a day to prevent and treat chipped lips.

Rose Petals are not only very good to get beautiful and pink lips, they are very good to treat chipped lips too. Just take couple of rose plant from your garden and crush them between your washed fingers and rub them over your lips. Let them sit on your lips for couple of minutes and then wash it off with cold water and enjoy natural beautiful lips throughout the season.

We cannot forget Coconut Oil when we are talking about the skin issues and their natural treatment. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that can help heal chapped lips. All you need to do is, take some oil with your clean finger and rub it between your fingers and then apply all over your face and then rub the leftover oil on your hands or face and see the magic, actually feel it.

Enjoy amazing winter with smiley lipsJ


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