Halloween Makeup and Hair Tutorial of Kylie Jenner

You’re probably in a panic if you’ve yet to find your costume because the final countdown for Halloween is here. You can find here a last minute Halloween makeup look for you whether you’re an expert or just want a quick and easy solution.

Kylie Jenner Halloween Makeup and Hair

If you forgot to plan your costume ahead, it can also be stressful though Halloween may be all about dressing up and having fun. This event pays to play to your strengths as on most occasions in life.

We have collected some of the easy beauty tips to get the Holloween look of very popular model Kylie Jenner. With this Kylie Jenner makeup and hair Halloween tutorial, you can get peachy cheeks, full lips, doe eyes with giant lashes and flawless skin.

You can learn how you can get the glamorous look in just a few easy steps by following this step-by-step Kylie Jenner makeup and hair Halloween tutorial. I decided to put my skills (to the test and try a few video tutorials in search of costume for my face, all of which claimed (natch) to be supereasy. You can also watch Holloween makeup video tutorial here.

Halloween Makeup and Hair Tutorial of Kylie Jenner

  1. First of all, you need to apply all-over foundation and cover with powder
  2. For a hint of color and subtle contour, you can use a peach-colored blush on your cheeks.
  3. After starting with an ivory shimmer but add some drama with a splash of taupe-colored shadow.
  4. Line your eyes with black eyeliner – and go over it with a black shadow for a “smokier” effect.
  5. To create a defined, arched brow, you should use brow gel.
  6. Apply a 2-3 coats of mascara.
  7. Individual lashes are key: apply lashes on the outer corner of the eye first followed by stacking shorter lashes on top.
  8. Use a taupe-rose colored lip liner — make sure to really overdraw those lips!
  9. Fill the lips in with a lighter liner – yes, lip liner!
  10. Then, use a highlighter on the center of the lips for even more fullness.
  11. At the end, wig out!

Credit: ET Online

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