Hailee Steinfeld: Meet Justin Bieber’s Rumored Girlfriend

Hailee Steinfeld is in headlines and this time not due to her role in Pitch Perfect or music release. It’s due to her alleged relationship with the most wanted ‘Boyfriend’ singer Justin Bieber. There were many speculations that Justin Bieber is dating Hailee Steinfeld after they were pictured together in a hotel lobby at Met Gala 2017 on Monday night.

Hailee Steinfeld Age

She is 20-year old. was born on 11th December in 1996. She’s an American actress, model and singer. She first known for her supporting role in the movie name “True Grit” for which she was nominated for the Best supporting actress in Academy Awards.

Hailee Steinfeld Height

Hailee is a tall and gorgeous girl. She always makes headlines when she goes to hit any kind of red carpet event or even street style. Her height is 5′ 7″ (1.7 m).

Hailee Steinfeld: Meet Justin Bieber's Rumored Girlfriend

Hailee Steinfeld Bio and Wiki

She’s obsessed with her acting career and she start to get leading roles in movies, After some struggle and her hard working in her career she gets a leading role in “Pitch Perfect 2” — the movie was a great success and gave a birth to her new career which is singing.

Hailee Steinfeld is allegedly dating ‘Boyfriend’ Justine Bieber

In her recent interview, Hailee said that she and Justin Bieber are not dating but we are friends and celebrities can be friends. She said she had a boyfriend for a very long time. She posted picture with him on Instagram and other social media networks. Her boyfriend is not really sited with her so that’s why people have confused that Hailee and Bieber is dating.

Hailee Steinfeld: Meet Justin Bieber's Rumored Girlfriend

Singing is source of entertainment for Hailee Steinfeld

Singing is always a favorite entertainment for Hailee and she loves to perform on stage to entertain people. She start her singing career by making a cover of song which she sang in last part of the movie Pitch Perfect 2. After that she released her first single as “Love Myself” in 2016.

She still wants to collage even though she’s a star now

In 2015 she was graduated by high school which she was at kinship, same year her movie released Pitch Perfect 2 in which she had a leading role. She also start appearing on the front pages of different top magazines of America but she still wants to go collage and keep her career continue with it. Hailee was great in high school she earned kinships and she was very popular because of her appearance in many short films in her early life.

She still lives with her parents

Steinfeld has recently interviewed in which she said even though I’m a big star now but I still lives with my parents and follow my house rules’, she said. She has to go home early after studio work because of the house rules”, she said her mom is a greatest support for her in every field of work or in every moment of life she’s always there for her, That’s why she still lives with her parents.

She will be a leading role in Pitch Perfect 3 too

The director of the movie was fell in love with Hailee Steinfeld and her role as Emily Junk in Pitch Perfect 2. They decided to cast her again as leading actress in their movie Pitch Perfect 3 which is going to release on December 22, 2017. Hailee was so excited to be a part of this movie again with a different story line. Hailee is cast again because of her fans and her character of Emily Junk which was liked more in Pitch Perfect 2 when she sing a song at the end of the movie and wins the judges heart.

She don’t like to hangout when she’s free

Hailee said in her recent interview that if she had a whole day free she used to lay down on her bad in her pajamas. Hailee spent most of her time writing vocals and watching movies of her favorite celebrities with her friends and family. She was 20 years old and didn’t want to hang out that’s a real curiosity, In her age most of the celebrities are attending parties or hanging out with their friends. Hailee used to be a good kid in her childhood and she doesn’t want to be a bad one.

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